Barry McGee Retrospective at ICA Boston.



“It’s pure chaos, claiming a territory that doesn’t belong to you to state your own identity. It’s like saying, ‘I’ve got no other way to say I exist.’” This exhibition runs April 6th to September 2, 2013.

Ed Templeton “SYMPTOMS” at Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp. Through April 5th.

(Almost) Free-Formed: Chris Johanson, Barry McGee & Laurie Reed in Collaboration.

Chris Johanson & Johanna Jackson Create New Furniture Installation at Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

Ed Templeton “Memory Foam” at Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles. January 12th, 2013.

New Book “Out To Lunch” From Ari Marcopoulos

Ed Templeton in Paris.

Barry McGee Mural in Brooklyn.

Clare Rojas at Prism Gallery, LA.

Chris Johanson opens September 14th, 2012 at Mitchell Innes & Nash in New York City.